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Astral Hunter

League of Angels Hero Astral Hunter

Description: Astral Hunter can transition between the Mortal Realm and the Astral Planes by relying on the power of the void. He hunts demons that destroy the balance of the Astral Planes. The galaxy is his hallway; he looks for the trail of demons along the bright sky. His bow is named “Star”; whenever a meteor crosses the night sky, it means he has slain another demon. He singlehandedly defeated the powerful Devil Legion. 


Class: Mage 

Position: Ranged Support 

Skill: Blood Mania - Increases Rage +20 for back row of your party, with a 75% chance to increase DEF +30%. Lasts 2 turns, cannot stack, and does not require Rage. 


Basic Stats:

Initial HP

Initial PATK Initial PDEF Initial MATK Initial MDEF


0 350 10 350