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Messenger of Darkness
Messenger of Darkness
The Messenger of Darkness was evloved from Light Envoy, and given a terrible task, to be the communication link between all the evil bases both inside and outside of hell. For thousands of years she traveled throughout the land, spreading the orders of evil and making sure that no message got into the wrong hands. At first, the Messenger of Darkness would distance herself from her material, choosing to ignore the evil that she was making happen. But after witnessing a truly horrific act, the capturing of a truly pure angel, she decided that she would no longer be the messenger boy of Hell. Instead, she vowed to fight against evil for the rest of her days! 



[Hero Information] 
Hero Class: Mage
Position: Group Support
Hero Skill (Lvl. 1): Dark Meditation. Consumes 75 Rage to cast. Increase rage by 38  for all heroes. Increase HP cap, ATK, Agilty by 13.5% of the sum of target stats and caster stats, lasts 2 turns (Dragon Fury stats effect will be disabled). Hero is immune to Disorder and Stun.

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