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Thunder Lord

Thunder Lord

The Thunder Lord has no shape. It is a collected mass of powerful energy, ready to explode at any moment. Fearing that the humans will steal his powers of unlimited energy, the Thunder Lord has vowed to destroy the world should any man try. His powerful bursts are  strong enough to lay entire cities to waste. Very few of those struck by his thunderbolts are able to survive, those who do lose all ability to speak, as if the power that passed through them was too much for their minds. If the might of the Thunder Lord was harnessed, its owner would become unstoppable. 

[Hero Information] 
Hero Class: Mage
Position: Back row Ranged
Growth Aptitude: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   
Hero Skill (Lvl. 10): Thunder Storm. Consumes 50 Rage to cast. Deals (155% Basic ATK + 1000) to enemies in the back row. Decrease targets ATK by 30% with a 16% chance to stun them, lasts 2 turns.

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