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Divine Hunter

Divine Hunter

The Divine Hunter contains the power of millions of stars within him. When the universe was created, he was given a very important task: to find and hunt rogue Gods who disobeyed the laws of the universe. Throughout the ages, he hunted and annhiliated countless Gods, some of them powerful enough to challenge the universe itself. Feeling that he was becoming too powerful, the Gods united and expelled the divine hunter to the world of the Angels. Though he remains as powerful as ever, the Divine Hunter is trapped in this pitiful world, swearing that he will have revenge on the Gods who betrayed him and the universe he has served so loyally since the beginning of time. 

[Hero Information] 

Hero Class: Mage
Position: Sub-tank Support
Growth Aptitude: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Hero Skill (Lvl. 10): Divine Light. Increase Rage by 39, DEF by 30% for heroes in the back row (lasts for 2 turns and not stackable) and decrease DMG received by 10.5%.

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