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Light Envoy
New Hero - Light Envoy

For many, the gods seem unreachable in the heights of heaven. Few believe an uttered prayer will ever make its way to the ear of a god to be answered. However, each and every one does make it to a god’s ear and this can only be accredited to the diligence of Light Envoys. Hovering between heaven and earth, Light Envoys are the messengers between mortals and gods. They deliver prayers and earthly news to the heavens and in return bring back the gods’ blessings and hopes. Now, these envoys are furthering their earthly support in battle for mortal survival.

[Hero Information] 
Hero Class: Mage
Position: Group Support
Growth Aptitude: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Hero Skill (Lvl. 10): Gadiant Guidance. Consumes 75 Rage to cast. Increase rage by 33  for all heroes. Increase HP cap, ATK, Agilty by 11.5% of the sum of target stats and caster stats, lasts 2 turns. (Dragon Fury stats effect will be covered, not including Party Rage Buff.)

Stats of Light Envoy











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