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League of Angels

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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: Evolve Your Mounts


Update Time: Nov. 1st

New Version: V3.90

New Mount:

1.Azure Tiger
He’s the evolution of Nightmare Tiger, Glamour skill: Azure Growl
2.Shimmer Tiger
He’s the evolution of Azure Tiger, Glamour skill: Shimmer Growl
3.Thunder Tiger
He’s the evolution of Shimmer Tiger, Glamour skill: Thunder Growl

New Item:
Almond Pie Seed, Cherry Pie Seed and Blueberry Pie Seed
These are the new seeds for Clifford Tree (Thanksgiving Special Edition).

1.The maximum point in total ranking and rewards is increased to 30M points in Single-server Resource Tycoon.
2.The maximum level of the enhance combos on gears is increased to Lvl 200.
3.Angels can be evolved Lvl. 130.
4.Celestial amulets can be enhanced to Lvl.140.
5.Watering limit in Garden is increased to 35.
6.Six-star Khaos cards are added when selecting cards in inventory in Khaos Atlas.

Fixed the display bug of Unbreakable Bond for fairies.

The 30th Cross-server Tournament will start on Nov. 6th (server time).