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League of Angels

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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Hero Silver Messenger Arrives!


Update Time: Sep 21st
New Version: V3.90
New Hero:
Silver Messenger

Battle Skill: Adds a Phantom reduces all party members normal, Elemental damage and Divine damage received by A each turn, lasts B turns.

Round Skill: Gains a HP Shield equal to C% of Max HP each turn, lasts D turns. Adds a Phantom decreases all enemies’ HP cap by E% each turn, last F turns,(the buff can be stackable up to G times.)

Regular Skill: Deals H% MATK +I DMG to all enemies. Taunts enemy heroes and adds J Phantoms, lasts K turns. Each time the hero be attacked, all party members will receive a Bless add DEF, Dodge and Agility by KL%, last M turns(the buff can be stackable up to N times.). Immune to fatal attack O time each battle. 100% chance to hit targets. Immune to stun, silence and chaos.

1.Increased the number of deputy leaders and veterans in Alliance.  
2.Optimized the display of Synth Amulet panel.