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League of Angels 4th Anniversary Party Kicks Off!


We are excited to announce that League of Angels will be celebrating her 4th birthday on Dec. 11th!

Thank you all for your love and support throughout the 4 years! We couldn't have made this without you! To celebrate this historic way-mark, we've prepared a series of special events to reward all players from Dec. 11th to Dec. 15th(server time)! Honorable titles, exclusive tokens and equipment, mystery chests, special components and limited resources, you'll find different items and events every day during the celebration. Let's get the party on!

Duration: Dec. 11th to Dec.15th

Server: All servers

>Claim Honorable Titles

Whether you are a veteran player or a newbie, we are grateful for your support and have prepared a special title for each of you! From Dec. 11th to Dec.15th, log in game to claim the honorable title! You deserve it!

>Log in to Get FREE Tokens
From Dec. 11th to Dec.15th, log in game every day to get FREE 4th Anniversary Token which can be exchange for mystery anniversary chests and Dragon Slayer Sword (the exclusive amulet for Lapsed Eragon)! You will be able to get 55 tokens if you log in for 5 consecutive days! Plus, 4th anniversary chests and tokens are all yours once you reach certain devotion during the celebration.

>Make A Special Anniversary Homestead

It's time to make a change in your Homestead for the 4th anniversary. The exclusive 4th anniversary components will refresh your Homestead while help increase your battle rating. Friendly reminder: The special components are ONLY available on Dec. 13th(server time)! Don't miss them out!

>Summon Tinderball and Awaken Thana

The adorable and powerful Tinerball arrives to cheer for our celebration. From Dec. 13th to Dec. 15th, Tinderball will be available in Hot Events. Seize the chance to summon the cute fairy to keep you company!

Plus, you have a chance to awaken angel Thana once you meet certain requirements.

>Gain Exclusive Anniversary Equipment

A set of more refined equipment is always popular with heroes, let alone it's gained on a memorable day. The 4th anniversary equipment adds more stats  than the previous equipment and is exclusive to the 4th anniversary celebration. You'd better act fast as it's ONLY available on Dec. 14th and Dec.15th(server time)!

In addition, the rare LTD-resource sale will be available on the FIRST AND SECOND day (Dec. 11-12) of the celebration. Be sure to use up all the resources that you obtain there before 23:59:59 Dec. 15 2017 as they will EXPIRE.

We hope all players have a great time in the LoA 4th anniversary celebrations and would love to see all of you in our next milestone!