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New Gtarcade Mini-Client Available Now!


Gtarcade has just released a brand new Mini-Client for players of Gtarcade games. This Mini-Client was designed to give players a much better gaming experience by being faster and smoother than the previous client while providing much more functionality and information. Download the New Mini-Client Now!


Play Games with Better Overall Experience
The Gtarcade Mini-Client can remember your login state, server preferences and other custom settings, support more languages, as well as speed up game loading, providing an overall better and faster experience compared to playing on a browser. What’s more, players can play multiple accounts on different servers at the same time. And more games and functions will be added to new Mini-Client soon.

Engage with the Diverse Community
You will find tons of news and event info catered for you on the Mini-Client. You can also easily engage with the huge player community to read or share game guides and insights. Interact with countless players and get much more information about Gtarcade games from the community center section of the new Mini-Client.


Enjoy Timely Service and Make Your Voice Heard
If you encounter any issues during your game, please don't hesitate to report your issues to our forum either via Community on the left or the shortcut links on the interface. Your problems will be solved timely.

Additionally, if you have any problems or suggestions when using the Gtarcade Mini-Client, please leave us a comment below this thread and make your voice heard. Your opinion matters to us and we will strive to create the best experience possible for our players.

Download new mini client here: https://www.gtarcade.com/micro/download?game_id=39