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A Collection Of The Angel Azalea Legends Made By Players!


It's said that spring arrives while Europe freezes from time to time. With Floating Petals, Angel Azalea arrives to awaken spring in the angelic land. Players have been curious about her origin and her magic power, which leads to various legends in different regions. While it's hard to tell legend from truth, now take a look at the comments chosen by Azalea.

Is there any connection between Azalea and Flora? What happened to her before she came to the ancient land? Take a look at the answers that Azalea has chosen for you.
1. Lucianna(S1367)
Spring comes on every sunny ray.
Mother Nature wakes up after a long hibernation and brings young shoots, flowers to many places. She had created Flora, a little angel yet brought in the power of the flowers are unbelievably attractive. And now, the magic of Mother Nature has inspired a budding bud, bringing forth its powerful spells that gradually developed into a beautiful angel, Azalea, which is the name that the flowers in the forest call her... Desiring to learn, she leaves the forest and travels around, meeting Flora, her older sister, and finding the common language. Azalea decides to join League of Angels, using her powers to protect humans and defeat evil.

2. Trixie(UA182)
Cursed by a Purgatory demon because of her beauty, she was turned into a flower, crying dew's tears all day long and  praying her fellow angels to free her but they were too far to hear her, until a powerful mage came to pass, using the reflection of the full moon through a crystal to free her.

From the moment she steps on the angelic land, she swears to guard its people till her death.

1. Azriel (S978)
When the Dark Lord cursed the Paradise Land, people prayed to angel Azalea to prosper the dying land with spring.
"Oh maiden of blooms
Come forth to land
And grant our prayers
Shower us your blessings
And color our land"

2. Haris(UB20)
Angel Azalea. She looks like a fairy, giving her blessing to the warriors. Like a ray of light in a dark kingdom.
Light, airy creation... the impression that this angel really came down from heaven to protect our souls.

3. minato(UA8)
Azalea, a stunning and innocent angel with enormous power. With the scent of floating petals in the air she refreshes and gives strength to exhaust warriors. Purifying evil and maintaining peace in the earth.

People are grateful for what she has done for the ancient land.

1. Misaki(UA147)

Of sky and ocean Azalea's shine
Golden hair maiden adored by all
An angel descent without whine
Fearless blue light within the hall

In realm of angels Azalea's pledge
Loyalty given to those who deserves
Supporting brave warriors no matter age
Azalea power is ready to serves

Pretty doesnt meant there is no strength
Graceful doesnt meant any arrogance
Battling for glory not for wealth
Standing by heroes' sides without preference

2. RidS(UA268)
"Oh my angel, the angel of plants... bearing flowers smell good as roses... evergreen azalea bushes
and deciduous azalea bushes. Come forth my angel and harness your poisonous petals to destroy every trespasser - Awaken Rhododendron.

Angel Azalea is an Angel Who creates flowers made it with her Own vital energy, and she do that to protect People from evil, so It will be greatful have It At your side.

Azalea didn't know she was so much loved until she saw peoples' writings.

1. Phoenix.s942(UA250)
Her clothes are made of magic
her hair is made of sunshine ray
it really would be tragic
if she don't spread her wings, the sky would be same as grey.
her touch make all the flowers bloom
even when weather is cold and bad
i feel that nature would be doomed
if she don't bring the spring to our land.

2. Orihime(S976)
She delights in the simplest of pleasures such as swinging with the breeze blowing in her hair as she squeals with delight.
She has boundless energy and can move with the speed of light from spot to spot, happily chattering all the way.
She has blonde hair and the most beautiful eyes you ever saw with the longest eyelashes you can imagine!
Her smile will light up a room and she looks always happy, she deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise, and to achieve status, power and wealth.

3. Axylia Rein(UC3 R2Games)
In this beautiful spring, here comes georgeus angel of spring Azalea, she come with spirit of spring and smell  of thousands flowers from earth and heaven, her power is come from nature and the sunlight,
she could be angel sylvia's sister..... together with all angel to make angel world pure from evil.

4. yumi(S1372)
Enter Spring,
Sit down and tell me,
As far as you are or you were,
Just the flower season,
Only the flowering of love,
Or, literally, germination in
Love flower creation heart?

Just as in the early spring all leaves have the same color and almost the same shape, we too, in our early childhood, are all alike and therefore perfectly harmonized.

I would like to ask her a question,"Azalea... Who made such a beautiful masterpiece such as you? Your beauty is one that of the yellow daffodils.. would you like to help me in my quest to beat the dark demons and help the innocent people?
 I would love to have such a elegant beauty and the beast combo where you are the beauty and i m the beast".

P.S.: Special thanks go to LoA creative team for making so many awesome fan arts!

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