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League of Angels Updates 3.0203: New Angels and New Costume


UPdate time: July 17th
Version number: 3.0203

We will be updating League of Angels to Version v3.0203. All servers will be updated on July 17th. The update will not

affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is completed. 

New Features:

1. New Angel Polly: Polly(max level is 85), the divine Angel of flowers will be available in the new Cross-Server Tycoon 

Event. The Cross-Server Tycoon will be released on July 21. Click here for more information about Polly.

2. New Costume Sky Archer is available in Forge. Click here for more information.

New System:

1. Add Nightmare mode to the Zodiac and it will be available soon. Click here for more information.

2. Main quest of Lvl.80 to Lvl.90 is released.

3. Character max level is now 85.

4. Lvl.80 Inferno is released.

5. Shards of Lvl.80 equipment are available in the Erebus.


1. Victoriana max level is now 85.


1. The icon of Gem Enhancement Stone displayed in the Djinni’s Merchants is fixed.

2. Translation mistakes are fixed.

League of Angels Team