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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: Get Ready for 3rd Anniversary of League of Angels!


Update Time: Dec. 8th
New Version: V3.90
New Fairy:

Wu Kong

Wearing a shining uniform, Wu Kong is said to give the most stat bonus among all the fairies!

New Components in Homestead:
Athena Statue and Hades Statue

Enjoy Christmas season and decorate your homestead with new components!

New Item Just for 3RD Anniversary:
LoA 3-year tokens, titles, gift packs and gift codes
The special items will be available in future events in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of League of Angels! Stay tuned!

New Item:
1.New Angel Artifact Chest
2.Fairy Bonus Card, Hero Bonus Card and Amulet Bonus Card
These are useful cards for Fairy Exclusive, Hero Exclusive and Amulet Exclusive.

10x mode is added in Event Bonus, which will make it more efficient to draw cards.

Fixed the bug that Hell’s Shield (18#) disappeared abnormally.