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League of Angels Updates v3.0195: New Beach Treasure and New Costume


Update time: July 10th
Version number: v3.0195
We will be updating League of Angels to Version v3.0195. All servers will be updated on July 10th(EST). The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete. 

New Features:

1. The new event Beach Treasure is released.
2. New costume Hang ton will be available from Beach Treasure event. Click here for more details.
3. New Heroes: Dark Paladin and Amazon Hunter will be available from the new House of Card. Click their names for more details.

1. The configuration of the Rose Ranks has been fixed.
2. Add the exchange of Fusion Gem to the Forge.

1. The description of Archer’s passive dodge skill, which used to be crit growth, is corrected to dodge growth.
2. The description of high level Aoede’s attack has been fixed.

The League of Angels Team