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Update: League of Angels 1.06


Updates will be implemented December 10th 6:30 AM EST.


1.         Added prizes for completion of survey.

2.         Names of players invited to Guilds can now have a length of 12 characters.

3.         Problems with discrepancies in Battle Reports have been fixed.

4.         Issues with sounds and music have been resolved.

5.         Descriptions regarding Gauntlets have been improved.

6.         Daily Loot descriptions regarding Warsouls have been fixed.

7.         Solved Erebus question issues.

8.         Fixed inconsistencies in equipment descriptions.

9.         Fixed errors in the Sorcerer and Mystic class descriptions.

10.     Chrome can now display Titles correctly.

11.     Fixed Erebus interface errors.

12.     Problems with Guild feast have been corrected.