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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Angel Maia Arrives!


League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Angel Maia Arrives!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, League of Angels will bring you gorgeous angel and many Thanksgiving-themed items in the new 3.90 version on Nov.17th. Check the content below.

New Angel:

Following Hera, Maia is sure to bring something new to the angelic land at the time of Thanksgiving.

New Hero:
Lord Cedric
The evolution of Cedric will be much stronger than the original.

New Item:
New Equipments for Thanksgiving
A special honor will be given to those who have collected the set of equipments.
New Components in Homestead:

Thanksgiving-themed components

1.Treasure Hunt is optimized.
More hot items are added in the shop in Treasure Hunt. Hope you can get your beloved items.
2.Angel Essence can be upgraded to lvl.8.
The maximum amount of Gold is increased so that you can donate in Alliances in a more efficient way.

The CS Tournament will start on Nov. 22nd (server time).