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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: Get Ready for Halloween!


Update Time: Sep. 29th
New Version: V 3.90

It's never too early to get ready for Halloween! We bring you lots of exclusive items for Halloween in the new version. Check the details below!

New Item:
1.Halloween-themed Treasure Chest and exclusive items
Including: Halloween Token, Halloween Chest, Halloween Morph Candy and Halloween-themed background for Homestead

2.New Khaos Card(Equip)

3.Prismatic Ticket
This ticket is used to get 1 Prismatic Wheel spin attempt.

New Amulet:

Blood Chalice
With the help of EXCLUSIVE amulet, Bloodsucker and Blood Lord won't fear any challenges.

New Angel:


She remains a mystery to many. All we know is that she has skill "Juggernaut".

New Mount:
Thunder Rider
It's the evolution of Mech Rider with the skill "Thunder Attack".

New Clothing:

Royal Egyptian

1.The skill buff of Inscription can be developed to Lvl. 10.
2.Add a brand new loading picture for October.

Champion Showdown will start on 10/2.