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Update: League of Angels 1.03


We at GTArcade want to thank all of you for your suggestions and bug reports, and to show our thanks we are implementing many of our suggestions, as well as fixing a few bugs along the way! But wait, there’s more! Tomorrow we will be launching a new event, the World Boss, more details can be found below!

World Boss:
The World Boss is exactly what it sounds like, every day at 7:00 pm; players will be invited to collectively attack a series of bosses, creating one of the biggest raid parties in history! Additionally, players will be rewarded according to how much damage they manage to deal to the various bosses. Also, the top 3 players will be given additional rewards for their performance.

The following bug fixes and improvements have been implemented League of Angels v. 1.03:
- Fixed Online Bonus time bug
- Improved Clash of Might tutorial
- Fixed Team Dungeon bugs and mistranslations
- Fixed Event time bug
- Fixed Guild Shop Honor Badge display bug 
- Fixed Team Dungeon chat bug
- Fixed Arena mistranslation
- Fixed Loop Quest reward bug
- Improved various Quest display errors
- Improved Tidal Pool clock
- Fixed Stamina bug
- Improved visibility for Hot Events
- Improved error messages
- Improved Mount info display
- Fixed Guild Feast bug
- Fixed Skill names
- Improved VIP activation
- Improved resources available before Lvl. 8

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