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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Hero Blood Lord


Update Time: August 18th
New Version: V3.90

New Hero:
Blood Lord
As you’ve asked, the evolution of Bloodsucker has finally arrived in League of Angels. Are you ready to take him with you?
New Fairy:
Flaming Lotus

She is stunning and headstrong. Do you think she will be a good companion in the battle?

New Item:
Magic Weapons

Ancient relics of immense power, once thought to be lost forever, have just been rediscovered. Angels and Heroes far and wide are now on the hunt for these Amulets and were once used by the Gods. Who will manage to get their hands on such power?

They will be EXCLUSIVE for certain events. Stay tuned.

New Background for Homestead:
Ancient-Greece-themed Homestead
Corrected the description on the panel of Emporium in Happy Sea.