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League of Angels Version Update V 3.75: New Hero Bone King


Update Time: June 23rd

New Version: V 3.75

New Fairy:
Snow Rocky

New Hero:

Bone King
Hero Skill: King’s Wrath

New Mount:
Leopard King
Mount Skill: Savage Roar

New Homestead Background:

Graveyard-themed Background

New Components in Homestead:
Vampire Lords, Hull, Dragon Bone and many Graveyard-themed components

Are you brave enough to build a graveyard-themed Homestead?

1.Fixed bugs in Stable Craftwork.
1)Fixed the display bug of the description of Tiger Eye.
2)Fixed the bug that Chinese characters pop up in the interface of Stable Craftwork.
2.Corrected the description of the Khaos Equip (Boots) Chest.