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League of Angels Version Update V 3.53: New System Stable Craftwork


Update Time: May 26th
New Version: V.3.53

New System:
Stable Craftwork
Time to equip your mounts!
For more details, please check our official forum.

New Item:
Styx Guardian VIP Card
To get the coming new hero, you have to get this card in advance. Please keep an eye on Hot Events.

1.Equipments can be refining to Lvl 15(currently Lvl.10) in Enchant in Forge.
2.The maximum level in God’s Trial is increased to Lvl. 24, and the highest level in Godsend is Lvl. 10.
3.More levels are open in Elite Battle in Eternal Spire. The maximum level is now Lvl.18.