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League of Angels Version Update V 3.43: New Hero Supreme Valkyrie


Update Time: May 19th
New Version: V3.43

New Sylph:
Shadow Phantom
She is a phantom assassin who guards the secrets of the Dark Lords in the Temple of Shadows.
Skill: Shadow Collapse

New Hero:
Supreme Valkyrie
Hero Skill: Divine Hit
Battle Skill: Increase own DEF AND Block by 8% for all party, lasts 2 turns.
Regular Skill: Consumes 100 Rage to cast, deals(115% Basic ATK +500) to all enemies, taunting them into attacking you while adding a shield that reduces all damage taken by 35%. Lasts 2 turns.

New Angel in Angel Awakening System:
Open Max Awakening for Grace.

New Item:
1.Dark Valkyrie Crest Shard
They will be available in events soon.
2.Customized ring for Champion Showdown winners
Apart from the current weapons, winners have one more customized ones.
3.Inscription Chests
It will be more convenient for players to get different kinds of inscription.

1.Players will have a greater chance to obtain Colorful Bubble in Happy Sea.
2.Mounts can be trained to Freedom +70.