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League of Angels Version Update V 3.28: New Mount Lizard


Update Time: April 7th
New Version: V 3.28

New Mount:
Skill: Ancient Bloodline

New Item:

1.5-star Khaos Hero Card

When attacking, deals Divine DMG equal to 30% of character's ATK (Divine DMG ignores enemy DEF).

2.Demeter’s Icon Shard
3.EXP Bonus Card (Lvl.40, Lvl.50 & Lvl. 60)
4.Mystery Pack and Mystery Pack Adv
Open Mystery Pack to get Jade Dragon and resources randomly.
Open Mystery Pack Adv to get Varda and resources randomly.

New Fairy:
He’s confused about one thing: No matter how much I sleep, I always have dark circles!

1.Add Apocalypse in Unbreakable Bond.
2.New loading picture for April is added.
3.Optimized the interface of Hot Events, where the icon of Recharge Reward will no longer exist.
4.Add Map Skin Trial and tokens for St. Patrick’s Day &Valentine’s Day to the next Smelting event.
5.The amount of equipment shards (Lvl.40 & Lvl.60) in Erebus is increased.