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League of Angels Version Update V 3.27: New Angel Apocalypse


Update Time: Mar. 31st
New Version: V3.27

New Angel:

New Component in Homestead:
Summer-beach-themed Components
Time to make yourself a beach resort and get relaxed!

New Item:
1.Amazon Hunter Crest Shard, Amazon Hawker Crest Shard and Amazon Soulhunter Crest Shard
2. Blazing Hecate Crest Shard and Demon Hecate Crest Shard

New Feature:
Add Amulet Guide in Magic House System.
With this guide, players can easily see the preview of skill buff in each level.

In X-server Silver War, players from the same Legion can chat with each other through [S] channel during the Voting and Prize period.