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League of Angels Version Update V 3.22: New Hero Dragon Ruler


Update Time: Mar. 24th
New Version: V 3.22

New Hero:
Dragon Ruler
She is the evolution of Silver Queen.
Skill: Seething Blood

New Item:
Dragon Clarion
An amulet exclusive to Nereida, equip to significantly boost Nereida’s BR.

New Component in Homestead:
Super robot is coming in Homestead in LoA! Collect the components and assemble your own robot!

New Fashion:
Foolish Fashion

New Angel in Angel Awakening System:


1.Lvl. 13 Fusion gems can be synthed and exchanged.
2.Armored Rhino shards can be synthed in Forge.
3.Add Decor Guide in Homestead.
4.Optimized some functions in X-server Silver War to make it more enjoyable.
1)Adjusted the mining CD time, which is 60 seconds now.
2)Adjusted city protection CD time, which is now 10 seconds.
3)The Silver War shop can be seen all the time, and items can only bought on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Corrected the description of the stats of Grand Chief and Chiefs in voting area.