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League of Angels Version Update V 3.20: New Homestead Component for Saint Patrick's Day


Update Time: Mar. 17th

New Version: V3.20

New Item:
Customized weapon for the 5th Champion Showdown Winners

New Component in Homestead:
1. Flowery Hedge, Puff Ball Shrub and Wheelbarrow
2. Tulip of various colors
Make yourself a beautiful garden in spring!

New Feature:
More territory will be available in Homestead.
1)Housing Area, Farm, Loggings and Mine can all be upgraded to Lvl. 3.
2)Housing Area can be upgraded to Lvl. 3 as long as your Homestead score reaches 65,000. After which, you will have 24x15 space to place your decorations and increase your BR.
3)Consume 3,000 Homestead Token and 3000,000 Gold, and you can upgrade your Farm, Loggings and Mine to Lvl.3.

4)The output of Farm, Loggings and Mine in Lvl.3 will be 1.3 times as much as that when in Lvl.2. And new ores and trees, which are exclusive outputs in Lvl.3, can be used to synth new mysterious component in the next version.

Stay tuned!

Athena and Victoriana are added in Unbreakable Bond.