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League of Angels Version Update V 3.12: New Clothing St. Patrick's Fame


Update Time: Mar. 3rd
New Version: V3.12

New Clothing:
St Patrick’s Fame

New Angel in Angel Awakening System:

New Component in Homestead:
1.Little Seal
2.Easter Egg Basket
3.Four-leaf Clover
4.Four-leaf Clover Pot
5.Leiothrix (Rose Gold)
6.Whirligig Horse
Get ready for Saint Patrick’s Day. More fun awaits you in game!

1.Optimized the Refresh Mechanism in Djinni's Merchant. In the new Refresh Mechanism, players will get a higher discount after Refresh and get a highest discount for sure after Refresh 5 times.
2.Optimized the World Boss, which will make the boss much stronger. The World Boss will release more powerful skills in Round II.
3.Changed the skills of Spellcaster, which is “when being attacked, 9% chance to cause Chaos for 2 turns, if attacker is immune to Chaos, decrease attacker’s ATK , Agility and Hit by 8%, lasts 2 turns” now.
4.Players can use both Capsule Coin and tickets to buy items in Toy Shop.

1.Fixed the display bug of Spellcaster after being summoned.
2.Corrected the number of the Alliance players can attack in Alliance Expedition.