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League of Angels Version Update V 3.10: New Sylph Spellcaster Comesou


Update Time: Feb. 25th
New Version: V3.10

New Sylph:


Skill: Swift Prediction
Skill Description:
9% chance to cause Chaos and decrease attacker’s ATK, Agility and Hit by 8% when being attacked.

New Components in Homestead:
1X1 Fence    

New Item:
Customized weapon for the fifth Champion Showdown Winners (the first batch)

New Angel in Angel Awakening System:

1.New levels are open for babies in Homestead.
2.DIY background decoration for Homestead is available. Players will be able to choose the background they like.
3.Skill buff is activated when a specific set of inscription is carved onto Amulets.
4.Optimized the rules of Recycling Amulets. The Amulets will become level 0 and corresponding resources will be returned to players after the Recycle in the new version.
5.Add stat description of Amulets.
6.Remove the Christmas decorations in game.

1.Fixed the bug that nothing happened when clicking Gift Boxes.
2.Fixed the bug that players can’t check the Amulet information of other players in Clash of Might.
3.Fixed the bug that appears when Headless Horseman is equipped with Pandora’s Mail.
4.Add Crit Damage bonus information to the Enhance Gems interface.