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League of Angels Version Update V 3.09: New Mount Griffin Joins You


Update Time: Feb. 18th

New Version: V3.09

New Mount:


New Fairy:

A mysteriously adorable pet from another world. It's not afraid to play ball or bark on the front lines, whatever its master ends up doing.

New Angel Artifact:
Dark Knell
Knell managed by Pandora, it possesses an ancient but mysterious power.

1.Remove the playing field for Superbowl in Homestead.
2.Remove the icons of Amulets and Furnace in the main interface of the game. Players can get access to the two functions through Homestead.
3.Some functions in Magic House system have been optimized.
1)Recycle some Amulets to get Homestead Token instead of Spirit Essence.
2)Add superscript to Spirit Essence and Source of All Souls in Magic Shop. In this way, players can easily see the discounts of these resources.
3)Amulets that have been carved with inscription can also be recycled. All the inscription will be returned to Homestead Stock after recycling.
4.New angel Kay is added in Unbreakable Bond.
5.Players are able to block the skill effect in battles.

1.Fixed some bugs of Magic House system, as the following shows.
1)Fixed the bug that Chinese characters pop up when recycling Amulets with inscriptions on.
2)Fixed the bug that stats of Amulets didn’t work in battles after being equipped by heroes.
3)Fixed the Amulet display bug when checking the Amulet information of other players.
4)Fixed the display bug of the stat of Eudaemon Ring (in Reincarnation III and IV).
2.Fixed the display bug of the price when buying attempts in Team Dungeon.
3.Fixed the image display bug of baby in Training interface.

Hope you have fun in LoA!