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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0566: New Hero Bounty Hunter


Update Time: Feb 3rd

New Version: V3.0566


New Hero:

Bounty Hunter


New Clothing:

City Hunter Costume


New Mount:

Black Panther


New Function in Homestead:

Magic House System

More information will be exposed. Stay tuned!


New Component in Homestead:

Roses of various kinds


New Item:

Customized weapon for Champion Showdown Winners (the third batch)



1. The current Homestead Score that players gained will be shown on the left corner of the Homestead. In this way, players can easily see the changes in the score when placing different components.

2. New field of play is added in Homestead.

3. By clicking the link in the System Mail, players can get easy access to the corresponding webpage.

4. New loading picture of Kay will show up.



1. Corrected the description of Frosta Queen

2. Remove “If party members’ HP is full” from the description of Dragon Mistress, which makes it clearer.