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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0556: New Angel Kay


Update Time: Jan. 28th
New Version: V3.0556

New Angel:
The powerful and mysterious angel swears to guard the angelic land.

New Component in Homestead:
Nyssa Statue
Teddy Bear

New Fairy:
Rabid Claw
Isn’t he the cute version of Berserker Claw?

New Item:
Golden Dragonsoul Pack

1.Optimized the point mechanism of Homestead. The highest score gained will be counted as Homestead Score. In this way, players can place the components as they want regardless of the score. For example, if you put an item of 1000 score bonus, you will get 1000 Homestead Score, and if you remove it, the 1000 Homestead Score stays.
2.Tips are added to remind players of the outputs of their Loggings, Farm and Mine, so that they can collect the items in time.
3.Raised the level cap of 2nd and 3rd Talent of some gold heroes evolved from ruby heroes to Lvl.10, which used to be Lvl. 7.
4.New items are added in Recharge History Bonus Shop.
5.Make it more difficult to defeat Bosses in Demonic War.
6.Gift boxes will drop when players reach 300 points and 500 points in Wheel of Luck.
7.Put normal Enchanting Stones in Element Smelting.
8.Remove the exclusive currencies of Earth Awakening Carnival from Shop.

1.Fixed the bug that the skill of 4-star Khaos Hero Card doesn’t work as it should be.
2.Remove “Hero is immune to Disorder and Stun” in the description of Dark Meditation in Awaken, which doesn’t work on main characters.
3.Fixed the bug that PATK/MATK+CRIT Damage Gem and PATK/MATK+CRIT Gem can't be equipped at the same time.