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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0555: New Component in Homestead


Update Time: Jan. 21st
New Version: V 3.0555

New Component in Homestead:

New Item:
1.5-star Khaos Equip Card
2.New gem with three attributes
Agility+Block+Dodge Gem
Agility+END+Dodge Gem

1.Library Layer 11 to Layer 20 are newly open for players in Homestead.
2.Gift box will drop randomly when meeting the following three requirements:
1)Reach certain points in Resource Tycoon;
2)Reach certain levels in Navigation King;
3)Reach certain points in Wheel of Luck.
3.Skill books that players draw from Skill Chest in the Awaken interface will be evaluated, and the points of which will be counted in Resource Tycoon.

Fixed the bug that players can’t find the right path in Kingdom of Giants.