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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0531: New Sylph Lannister


Update Time: Jan. 14th
New Version: V 3.0531

New Hero:
Inflamed Guard
Battle skill: Reduces attack for the 2 units with the highest Agility by 30% and reduces target Agility by 20% for 3 turns.
Regular skill: Consumes 50 Rage to cast, taunting enemies in the front row for 2 turns and dealing (145%*Basic PATK+2400)damage; decreases targets' DEF& Dodge by 15%.Gain a HP shield equal to 21% of Max HP and increase own DEF by 40% for 2 turns. Cannot stack.

New Sylph:
Sylph Skill: When attacking, deals Divine DMG equal to 25% of character's ATK (Divine DMG ignores enemy DEF).30% chance to Crit, dealing 1.5X Divine DMG.

New Clothing:
Imperial Celebrity
This clothing will be available in Warming Up for the coming carnival.

New Gem:
Fusion Gems with THREE attributes (lvl 5 to lvl 14)

New Item:
1.Customized Weapon for Champion Showdown Winners (the first batch)
2.Peach Blossom and Lush Peach Blossom (token for the coming carnival)
Young Seedlings, Growing Seedlings and Healthy Seedlings (keys for the coming carnival)

1.Improvements are made in Homestead to make it more enjoyable.
1)Players will be able to upgrade the Loggings, Farm and Mine, thus gain more resources from them
2)More territory will be available in Homestead. And players can place more components.
2.New loading picture for January is added.
3.Corrected the description on the interface in Angel’s Quiz.
4.Corrected the name of items in Treasure Hunt.
5.Corrected the introduction on the interface of the wheel of Starry Dream.
6.Rose Rankings and Carnival Event will bring roses back as special effects. 

1.Fixed the bug that character names are shown incorrectly in the battle screen. 
2.Fixed the display bug of the amount of the alliances that you defeated in Alliance Expedition.
3.Fixed the bug that players didn’t get the right rewards in lvl.95 Inferno.
4.Fixed the description bug of the actual points the white pillar add.