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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0511: New Hero Hellish Wolf


Update Time: Jan. 7th
New Version: V3.0511

New Hero:
Hellish Wolf
Evolution of Godless Wolf, requiring 500 Shards to synth him.

New Item:
1. MATK+CRIT Damage Gem (lvl.5 to lvl.14)
  PATK+CRIT Damage Gem (lvl.5 to lvl.14)
2. Khaos Hero Chest
Open to obtain a 5-star Hero card.

New Angel in Angel Awakening System:

1. Changed the position of Librarian (NPC) in Homestead so that she can be found easily through auto-pathing.
2. “No more space to set. Please check the Decor limit.” The message will pop up when components reach the limitation in decoration in Homestead.
3. Optimized the jumping from the card swap interface in House of Cards.
4. Remove the Christmas decorations in game.

1.Fixed the bug that the location of Bare Wilderness is not fixed on map.
2. Fixed the bug that the item is not consistent with the ad on the interface of Shop.
3. Fixed the display bug of Bloodsucker when at drill.