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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0503: New Gameplay in Homestead


Update Time: Dec.24th

New Version: V 3.0503

New Gameplay in Homestead:

1.Skill in Child System
In this section, players can upgrade the skills of their children to get more stats added to their characters and heroes.
More information will be exposed in forum. Stay tuned!
Come and explore the Library for special materials which are of great importance in upgrading the skills of your child.
More information will be exposed in forum. Stay tuned!
3.Rename your baby
You can name your baby freely finally.

New Item:
Crit Damage Gem(Lvl.1 to Lvl.14)

1.Optimized some functions in Little Helper to make it more convenient.
After the version update,
1)Little Helper will automatically synth the shards in Raiders.
2)When clicking on 1-Click Select, Little Helper won’t skip Loop Quests and Unbreakable Bond.
3)Little Helper will help clear the Cooldown time for Lvl. 61+ players ( non VIP).
2.Optimized the display effect of a baby in battles.
3.The max level for evolution of angels is upgraded to 12 levels(with 10 stars), which used to be 10 levels(with 10 stars).

1.Fixed the bug that Claudia Statue didn’t convert Homestead Scores into Battle Rating based on the right conversion rate(which should be 1.1).
2.Fixed the bug Little Helper stops working in Wyrm Race when refreshing the page.