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League of Angels Version Update V3.0405: New Hero Snow Warrant Shows Up!


Update Time: Dec. 17th
New Version: V 3.0405

New Hero:
Snow Warrant

New Mount:
2.Violetspirit Ram
Two powerful mounts are coming along with Christmas!

New Item:
1.Christmas Gift (which can be available in Hot Events during Christmas Holiday)
2.Silver Bells and Gold Bells (which are tokens for Christmas Holiday)
  Empty Stocking, Normal Stocking and Full Stocking (which are keys for Christmas Holiday)
They are tokens and keys for Christmas Holiday.
3.Christmas decorations for Homestead

Decorate Homestead with Christmas spirit.

1.Fixed the bug that the ranking reward in Homestead can only be claimed the next day.
2.Upgrade Amazon Soulhunter into a golden-quality hero, and add Third Talent to her.
3.Corrected the description of Blazing Soul Crest, which should be Blazing Phantom Crest.
4.Fixed the bug that Demonic War ends earlier than the time it should be.