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League of Angels Version Update V3.0481: New Angel Noelle Comes


Update Time: Dec.10th

New Version: V 3.0481

New Angel:

The powerful angel will be added to Unbreakable Bond.

New Hero:
Amazon Soulhunter
Evolution of Amazon Hawker. Another powerful hero is ready to join your party!

New Angel in Angel Awakening System

New Item:
1.Customized Weapon for Champion Showdown winners (the last batch)
2.2nd Anniversary Coin
2nd Anniversary Chest (Basic)
2nd Anniversary Chest (Adv)
All these items are exclusive in LoA 2nd Anniversary event. More fatastic events and rewards await you!
3.New loading picture for Christmas & LoA 2nd Anniversary

1.Decorate every map in game with Christmas spirit.
2.Add Noelle in Unbreakable Bond.
3.Add Noelle in Covenant.
4.Some functions in Homestead are optimized to make it more enjoyable.
5.The corresponding avatars will show when items drop from angel/mount/fashion bags.
6.Optimized the order of items in Fortune Inventory.
7.Optimized the icons of Unbreakable Bond, Gemology and Tarot Card in the main interface.
8.Optimized the background of Fairy System.

1.Fixed the bug that Divine Totem (Topaz) dropped from Divine Totem (Garnet).
2.Corrected the name of Common monster in Lvl.75 Elemental Zone, which should be Electro Overlord (Common).
3.Corrected the description in Astrals Tavern, which should be "Recruit Ruby Heroes and Golden Heroes".
4.Fixed the bug that players can't challenge in Final Stand.
5.Fixed the bug that players can't draw cards in Khaos Atlas.
6.Fixed the bug that players can't feed babies in Homestead.
7.Fixed the bug that different trees have the same name in Logging in Homestead.