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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0475: New Sylph Saintly King


Update Time: Nov.26th

New Version: V 3.0475

New Server Event:


Fortunes is a seven-day event for new servers which open after Nov.25th.

New Sylph:
Saintly King

A powerful sylph has come for all the people in angelic land.

New Item:
Customized weapon for Champion Showdown Winners(the second batch)
The second batch of weapons will be sent out this week. For those who are qualified for the dream weapon, please provide us the name and description of your customized weapon so that they can be  sent to you ASAP.

1.Remove the Halloween decorations in game, including the names and dialogues of non-player characters.
2.Upgrade Dragon Mistress into a golden-quality hero.