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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0481: New Hero Dragon Mistress


Update Time: Nov.19th
New Version: V3.0481

New Hero:
Dragon Mistress (Evolution of Dragon Commander)
Hero Skill: Dragon’s Embrace
Heals 3 party members with the lowest HP, recovering HP equal to (18% HP lost by targets +115% Caster’s MATK +1,500). If party members’ HP is full, the excess healing amount will be converted into a shield to protect the target for 2 turns. Hero is immune to Stun and Chaos.

New Angel:
Thanksgiving is coming. So is Grace.

New Mount:
Fiery Turkey (evolution of Jeweltone Turkey)

New Wing:
Frost Wings

New Item:
1.Customized Weapon for winners in Champion Showdown(the first batch )
Since some of the Championshowdown winners haven't yet provided us the information about the customized weapon, only the first batch of weapons will be sent out this week. Those who among you who are qualified for the dream weapon, please provide us the name and description of your customized weapon so that they can be  sent to you ASAP.
2.New loading picture for Thanksgiving theme

Added “Bonus” to the left corner of the icon of 500 Diamonds in 1st Recharge.

1.The required character level to use glorystones (e.g. Lvl.5 Earthen Glorystone) has been adjusted to Lvl.70(which used to be shown as Lvl. 57)
2.Corrected the spelling mistakes in the skill description of some heroes.
3.Fixed the display bug of Remaining Attempts after refreshing in Final Stand.
4.Fixed the display bug of the price of Squires’ Steed Soul(which is supposed to be 199 Diamonds).
5.Hero icon, hero emblem and hero crest will be consistent with the name Hero Crest.