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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0472: New Angel Artifact Rowan and Chaos Compass


Update Time: Nov. 12th

New Version: V 3.0472

New Angel in Angel Awakening System:


New Angel Artifact Chest:
1.Rowan Chests (which contains six qualities-Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Celestial)
2.Chaos Compass Chests (which contains six qualities-Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Celestial)

1.Clarified the rules in Alliance Expedition.
Only when players have joined an Alliance before the ranking stage (before every Tuesday) can they join in the Expedition War. This means players who newly join an Alliance from Wednesday to Sunday have to wait for next week’s Expedition War. 
2.Add Rage consumption in the skill description of the following heroes: King o’ Bones, Nether Lord, Berserker Claw, Blazing Soul, Nereida, Silver Queen, Valkyrie, Dark Valkyrie, Arcane Spirit, Thunder Lord, Dark Paladin and Shadow Knight. 
Please note that these heroes do consume rage in battles, but there are no rage related descriptions about them. This time we add the description to help you know better about these heroes.
3.Tips will be added to the button of Recycle in Sylph Hall.

1.Fixed the Monthly Card problem.
2.Add a prompt“ You’ve already collected an angel today”to remind players that they can only collect one angel or mount in Angel Exclusive and Mount Exclusive.
3.Fixed the bug that the 1st Recharge icon won’t disappear after all rewards have been claimed.
4.The required character level to use certain items (e.g. Mythic Angel Mark) to Perfectly Evolve has been adjusted to Lvl.50.
5.Corrected the description of Fame Hunter Emblem, which should be “Used to evolve Crescent Elf”.