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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0471: New Hero Bloodsucker


Update Time: Nov. 5th
New Version: V.3.0471

New Hero:

New Sylph:
Shadow Spirit

New Fairy:
Golden Hamster

New angel in Angel Awakening System:

New Item:
Panda Nicky Crest Shard

Optimized the functions of Little Helper
1.Add the Eternal Spire shops into Quick Buy.
2.Fixed the bug that Little Helper stops at Jackpot task automatically. 
3.Little Helper will go on with former tasks after the game is refreshed.
4.Little Helper will help collect Arena Rewards after challenging certain times in Arena.
5.Fixed the bug that Little Helper doesn’t water the trees in Garden or collect corresponding rewards.

1.Add skill buff lasting turns into description of Son of Odin and Blade Dancer Miya : lasts 2 turns.
2.Corrected the description of Tusky Soul. It should be "Increases DEF, Hit and END".
3.Corrected the description of Gold Attire. It should be Block instead of Crit.
4.Fixed the display bug of Royal Bow of Ruin.
5.Fixed the display bug of characters in Friend panel.
6.Fixed the bug that Aegis Shards didn’t drop as many as they should in Purgatory mode in Zodiac.