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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0463: New Hero Blade Dancer Miya


Update Time: Oct 29th
New Version: V 3.0463

New Hero:
Blade Dancer Miya
A powerful Rogue is coming to fight with you!

New Item:
1.Items that will be used in Crazy Halloween.
-Normal Candy and Evil Candy (Crazy Halloween token)
-Melted Candle, Burning Candle and Unquenchable Candle (Crazy Halloween keys)
2.Bloodsucjer Bonus Card  
Keep this item to exchange for Bloodsucker, using half the amount of required cards in Hot Events.

New Clothing:
1.Dance Costume
2.Little Red Fashion

New Mount:
Passion Rocket

1.Enrich the items in Final Stand Shop, where Khaos Core can only be bought 100 times daily; and more resources will be available there.
2.Soulstone and Khaos Atlas Chest will possibly drop instead of Gold after clearing levels in Final Stand.
3.Display the target’s HP status bar in Final Stand War.
4.Optimize the status of Demonic Chests after clearing each level in Final Stand.
5.Zodiac and Erebus are added to Little Helper.
6.Upgrade the quality of hero Chaos Paladin from red to golden.
7.Lvl.12 Fusion Gems can be used in Synth and Exchange.
8.Display Battle Order in PVP battles (the order is judged according to Agility).
9.Optimized the interface of Navigation King.
10.Optimized the discount mechanism of buying mariners in Navigation King.
11.Add “Help” to the interface of Artifact Workshop.
12.Fairy”icon is added to“Character”panel. Unbreakable Bond is added in Angel panel in Character.
13.Add Crazy Halloween keys in Shop.
14.Decorate every map in game with Halloween pumpkins.
15.Revised the quality of Lvl.12, Lvl.13, Lvl. 14 Block Gem from red to golden.
16.Revised the description of Dragon Commander, which is “Hero is immune to Stun and Chaos “instead of “Hero is immune to Stun” .
17.Optimized the description of items.
18.Players are offered more ways to get Angel Tear, Soulstone, Blessed Stone, Stable Crystal, Cherubstone and Seraph's Stone.

1.The display bug of the numbers of Alliance members in Alliance Expedition.
2.Fixed the bug that “Lvl.70 Mythic Set”is synthed without consuming required Gold.
3.Fixed the display bug of Gold being 0 after using Little Helper to complete Unbreakable Bond quest.
4.Fixed the bug that the Buff of his Battle Skill is not consistent with the description of Sand Lord.

For more details:
Please check our forum http://community.gtarcade.com/post/93134