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League of Angels v3.0071: Voucher Shop Expanded!


Update time: April 3 and 4 

Version number: v3.0071 


We will be updating League of Angels to Version 3.0071. Server 1 and Server 2 will be updated on April 3 at around 1:00 am EDT (or 8am PDT); the rest of the servers will be updated on April 4. The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete. 

New Features 

1. New Voucher Shop. Click here for details.

2. Erebus Blitz. You can now use auto-challenge to clear the Erebus after reaching Level 45. 

3. Added Seraph’s Stones to the Inferno rewards 


Bug Fixes

Fixed some wording errors.