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League of Angels Version Update V 3.0448: New Female Angel Bacchus


Update Time: Oct 10th
New Version: V 3.0448

New Male Angel:
Witnessing people’s fear and sorrow in the Angelic Land, Bacchus hasn’t stood by in silence. He calls all warriors to bring peace and joy back to this land!

New Fairy:
Little Bat

New Item:
Landmark Coin
Used to exchange items in Navigation King.

New Wing: 
Stream Wings

New Angels in Angel Awakening System:

1.Corrected the spelling mistake in Equipment Inherit interface.
2.Corrected the description of the items which are used to activate The Conqueror,Heavenly Storm, Skysong and Forgotten Warrior.

1.Fixed the bug that the icon is not consistent with the description of Leoric Badge.

2.Fixed the Settlement bug when Group Buy ends.