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League of Angels Version Update V 3.08: New Hero Fame Hunter and Shadow Knight Come


Update Time: Sep 29th
New Version: V3.08

New Hero
1.Fame Hunter
Second evolution of Lunar Priestess
Hero Skill: Shadow’s Ray
Consumes 50 Rage to cast, heals entire party equal to (140% MATK +2,000) HP and increases 6% DEF for entire party.12% chance to make two random targets immune to the next attack. Lasts 2 turns.
2.Shadow Knight
Evolution of Dark Paladin
Hero Skill: Riddle of Darkness
Deals (145% Basic ATK +1,680) to enemy front row, adds HP shield equal to 24% Max HP (lasts 2 rounds). Recovers HP equal to 24% max damage and decreases targets’ ATK by 20%, lasts 2 turns.

New Item
Immortal Guardian Totem

New Wing:
Aegis Cape

1.Fixed the bug that Alliance icon and Totem icon don’t show up in the new Little Helper.
2.Fixed the mini map bug in Twilight Clash.
3.Fixed the bug that Elemental DMG of Frosta Queen doesn’t work.