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League of Angels Version Update V3.06: New Hero Sand Lord Shows Up


Update Time: Sep 24th

New Version: V 3.06

New Feature:
1.Sylph Hall
2.Alliance Expedition

New Hero:
Sand Lord
Second evolution of Mountain God. As a relentless and powerful warrior, he’s always ready to fight against evil! 
Hero Skill: Earth God
Battle Skill: Increases entire party’s HP cap, adds 10% of DEF and 21% of Max HP to each party member (stacks with Light Envoy’s HP cap increase effect). Lasts 2 turns.
Regular Skill: Adds a Protection Shield to the entire Party which absorbs 28% of damage received, lasts 2 turns. Effect can be stacked with other damage reducing buffs. Also increases DMG by 8% and Agility by 5% for party members.

New Item:
Angel Artifact Twilight Mirror
1.Zveda and Themis are added in the Unbreakable Bond.
2.Athena Awakening Stone and Victoriana Awakening Stone are added in Cross-Server Shop.
3.A new Icon is added on the upper part of the game interface, click on which you can get access to the two new features Alliance Expedition and Sylph Hall, as well as Demonic War, Alliance, CS Clash of Might and Wyrm Race.
4.The function and interface of Little Helper optimized.
5.Some functions of Navigation King optimized.

1.Corrected the description of Accursed Totem. 
2. Fixed the Top-Level display bug of Hoarfrost Blade.