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League of Angels v3.0064: Fires of Fusion Lighted


Update time: March 27 & 28

Version number: v3.0064


We will be updating League of Angels to Version 3.0064 Fires of Fusion. Server 1 and Server 2 will be updated on March 27 at around 11:00 am EDT (or 8am PDT); the rest of the servers will be updated on March 28. The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete.


New Features

1. Angel Evolution: evolve your Angels' to increase their stats and unlock elemental damage!

2. New Heroes: 2 new Topaz Heroes and 1 Ruby Hero are available in the Enigma Tavern.

3. Hero Elemental Training: unlock your heroes' elemental damage! 

4. Inferno System: do Erebus as a team and earn elemental training materials!

5. Fusion Gems: synth 2 different type of gems to fuse their attributes.

6. Level 70 Gear Set: Lvl. 70 equipment can be crafted and exchanged in the Forge.


>>Click here for details of the above new features.