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League of Angels Update v3.0448: New Mount Azure Dragon


Update Time: Sep 17th
New Version: 3.0448
New Mount:
Azure Dragon
New Fairy:
Little Earthshaker
New Wing:
Victory Wings
1.Add Spring of Wisdom Point Ranking in Resource Tycoon.
2.Add Fairy Upgrade, Totem Altar and Stable Training in Daily Devotion tasks.
3.Add Top Stats in Angel Awakening interface. 
4.Improved the description of Pandora’s Mail and Mei Kaili’s Mail.
5.Improved the description of Arachnid Totem.
6.Improved the description of Seraph’s Stone, Element Crystal, Aegis Shard and Blessed Stone.
The description of Heaven Hunter corrected. “Increases Rage by 40” instead of “Increases Rage by 35”.