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League of Angels Update v3.0445: New Angel Themis and Zveda


Updating Time: Sep 10th
New Version: V3.0445

New System:
1.Totem Unite
2.Monthly Card

New Angel:
She is the judge of light and darkness, maintaining the balance in the world.
A beautiful and quiet goddess. She is the guardian of ocean, watching the tranquility of this blue world from heaven.

New Hero:
1.Frosta Queen
Evolution of Blazing Soul
2.Nether Lord
Evolution of King o’ Bones
3.Heaven Hunter
Second evolution of Astral Hunter

New Wing:
Spirit Foliage

New Item:
Customized Weapon for winners in Champion Showdown

1.Optimized functions in Navigation King.
2.Optimized the description of Blue Dewdrops. Collect 7 Blue Dewdrops from Check-ins Event to exchange them for a mysterious prize!
3.Change the description of Soulstone.“Increases training EXP in Hero training, Mount training and Second Totem Training”.

1.Fixed the display bug of Grotto Heart on Resource Tycoon interface.
2.Corrected the description of Lvl. 10(W) Ruin Dragon Soul and Lvl 10 (E) Ruin Dragon Soul.