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League of Angels Update v3.0444: New Fairies Monkey King and Cancer


Update Time: Sep 1st
New Version: V3.0444

New Feature:
Awaken in Angel System

New Fairy:
1.Monkey King

New Mount:
Scarlet Finch

New Clothing:
Golden Attire

New Item
Lvl 85 Fire/Ice/Electro Element Core Chest

1.Add more information in Angel’s Icon description.
2.Other players’ track can be seen in time in the mini map in Elemental Zone.
3.At Lvl 1 Proficiency, players get Lvl 2 Block gem instead of Lvl 1 Block gem in Gemology Proficiency system.

1.Correct the skill description of Supreme Oracle (when reaching Top Level).
2.Fixed the displaying error of Frigg.