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League of Angels Update v3.0433: New Mages Dragon Commander and Supreme Oracle Show Up!


Update Time: Aug 27
New Version:3.0433

New Hero:
1.Dragon Commander (evolved from Dragon Whisperer) 
2.Supreme Oracle (second evolution of Light Envoy) 
The two gorgeous mages have come to boost your party!

New Fairy:

New Item:
1.Golden Rod
Collect 7 Golden Rods from September Check-ins to exchange them for a mysterious grand prize!
2.Golden Element Core Chests
1.The Third Skill Slot is available for golden-quality heroes. 
2.Add a popup window of confirming purchase in Achievements Rewards in Elemental Zone.
3.Add Equipment Inherit function in Forge.
4.Optimized the rewards display in Team Dungeon.
5.Add battle log in Cross-server Tournament.

1.Fixed bug of Point Prizes in Wheel of Luck.
2.Correct the description in Artifact Workshop interface.
3.Correct data information in Totem interface.